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MOTHER, SINGER, SONGWRITER, PRODUCER, AND SPEAKER, LOIS LaFOND spent most of her life in the performance arts of dance, music, mime, and theatre, as well as teaching.  

Lois first made her mark in the adult world of music as vocalist and lyricist. She then brought her varied styles of music to the hearts of Children -- writing, producing, and recording six albums for Children and their families. Her sophisticated world music enjoys national acclaim from the L.A. PARENT and PARENTS' CHOICE to BILLBOARD and DOWNBEAT magazines.

Lois has spent twenty-five years emphasizing Diversity, Self-Esteem and a variety of musical styles in her recordings. Fifteen years ago she was instrumental in creating CELEBRATE DIFFERENCE!, a show of  music, storytelling and dance from around the world.

Her recordings were the first to hit the market with a "big band" sound, and an emphasis on World Music. Her many years of experience in the disciplines of teaching, music, and the performing arts combine to create the ultimate in entertainment for the entire family -- and for the classroom.

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