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When I started making music for my own children, I hardly imagined that I would spend 21 years doing the kids’ thing and wait almost fifteen years before recording for the adult audience. Through a curious series of events, the adult project just sort of happened at me….

In 1990, my husband and I decided to start a non-profit for children and their families. We called it HELP OUT. About five years ago we adopted Columbine Elementary, a Denver Public School in a really desperate situation. Within two years we had art programs, basketball, soccer, golf, assemblies – all things that had been missing for these kids. Of course, we had to figure out ways to raise money, so we created a Red Hot Salsa Night for a Valentine’s celebration, with a great band, La Candela, and food, drinks, auctions – and lots of friends. I decided to auction a song to raise some money, and my husband’s partner muscled him in to spending an inordinate amount of money to buy the song which I performed a capella that night.

Several days later he mentioned that he thought for that price, he deserved a recording. So, for our upcoming anniversary, I went to Coupe Studios for a first meeting with a terrific man and a wonderfully accomplished piano player, JOHN ARMSTRONG. In one short session we recorded “My Funny Valentine.”

And that started the whole thing.

Now I am on song #6, with two others that I did with my children. These are old favorites of mine, ours, theirs…. I have never recorded covers before and it has been especially exciting because these are great songs and because the musicians are the best around.

I savor each opportunity to work with everybody’s favorite trumpeter RON MILES. Ron blessed the Kirsty MacColl song “Head” with his phenomenal playing in a moving duet with stand-up bass player TERRY SINES. Always a joy to work with, both Terry and Ron made this beautiful ballad even more moving than the original.

Another favorite player of mine is the lovely and supremely talented JANET FEDER. Her skill on dobro and guitar, along with her ingenious treatment of these prepared instruments, created a stunning interpretation of one of my favorite love songs, Leon Russell’s “A Song For You.”

It has been an especially great opportunity to work with Chico Meira from Rio de Janeiro over many years. Guitar player, bass player, singer, composer, percussionist, Chico is a musician’s musician – and a dream to work with. The Beatles song, “I Will” was in my wedding and I had always thought that it would make a great samba. Chico is responsible for helping that happen.

Each song I work on becomes the most thrilling.

Twenty-five years ago, on December 8, the world lost John Lennon in a senseless moment. I remember it vividly because my 3-1/2 week old son had quickly and violently developed a 105 degree fever. Fortunately he survived. My other hero did not. John Lennon's "Imagine" has remained an anthem in my heart for so long that, in tribute to his life, I decided to record it -- as a tango. I also knew I wanted to feature violin and, fortunately, discovered Kailin Yong. A brilliant violinist, Kailin won the prestigious Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin in 2004. He instinctively understood the possibility of the Lennon-Tango concept and his exquisite arrangement of the music is exactly what I had envisioned: a pivotal song in a global style of music with a Piazzola-like perfect mix of passion and intelligence. It was truly moving to sing this tribute with his extraordinary arrangement and playing, as well as that of the dazzling cellist, David Short.

Links to musicians sites:
just google Ron Miles
www.stringsoftao.com (Kailin Yong, under construction)


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Below is a list of the songs and songwriters and the length of each tune.

Please specify if you want
Six songs ($10 plus $2 shipping ) or
Eight songs ($12 plus $2 shipping )

Six Tunes (over 24 minutes of music)

IMAGINE (John Lennon) 4:57
HEAD (Kirsty MacColl) 3:56
I WILL (Lennon/McCartney) 2:58
A SONG FOR YOU (Leon Russell) 5:50
MY FUNNY VALENTIVE (Rodgers & Hart) 4:14
INTO THE MYSTIC (Van Morrison) 2:23
$10 plus $2 shipping

Eight Tunes (over 32 minutes of music)

The above six tunes plus two additional tunes, inspired and performed by my two wonderful all-grown-up kids. These two songs are favorites of theirs done especially for their favorite dad.

This is a vocal duet,
with lead vocals sung by my daughter, Arisa
WONDERFUL TONIGHT (Eric Clapton) 3:57
This is a duet,
with all guitars played by my son, Liam
$12 plus $2 shipping


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