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Hi Kids of All Ages,
Welcome to our website! This is an exciting time because this marks 21 YEARS that we have been making music for Children, their families and their classrooms. THAT IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!

We now have SIX recordings and have gotten lots of awards and great press about our latest, LOIS LaFOND & THE ROCKADILES. The other group I perform with, CELEBRATE DIFFERENCE!, has been having a great time doing our shows in lots of schools in Colorado and the West. And we are now celebrating our FIFTEENTH year together. WOW -- time flies. (If you want to know how to say that another way, guess what?! You can say it in LATIN and shock everyone you know: it is tempus fugit.)

I'll tell you how much tempus fugit: my own children, who were 4 and 5 when I started Rockadiles are (okay, that's 21 years ago, so do the math): 25 and 26!!!

SO, KIDS AND PARENTS: Sing every day. And dance a little every day -- to your favorite music or to the music in your head. And HAVE FUN!


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