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The title song "I Am Who I Am!" remains one of LOIS LaFOND & THE ROCKADILES signature tunes.
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This is an exceptional collection of 13 original songs in a variety of modern styles of music, including Reggae, Salsa, Rock & Roll, Blues, Ballads, and more. The songs emphasize movement, language, rhythm and "just plain fun." Applauded for their sophistication, this is music with a message to boot. With her eye always on self-esteem and diversity, LaFond includes two songs in French and Spanish. Child-oriented topics include ME!, animals, colors, space, and much much more. Geared for the Child 2-7.


  • I Am Who I Am!
  • Space is Going to Be Fun
  • Up in the Sky Where the Whales Are
  • Rainbows
  • My Room
  • The Beat
  • Couldn't Do It A Year Ago (But I Can Do It Now)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Boo Hoo
  • Pengo & Poley
  • Colors/Colores
  • Living Things
  • Rock & Roll

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