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In this, her fifth release, LaFond does turn it all upside down. Continuing in her tradition of cutting edge music, this new album replaces her big band sound with the essentials of music: vocals and percussion.
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LaFond has turned to an exciting array of over 40 percussion instruments from around the world including the Australian Didgeridoo, the Brazillian Berimbau, the American Washboard - and everything in between. Singing of everything from numbers in three languages to a changeable creature named Zuppie, this recording also includes a parade movement song and a 5-minute relaxation process.
PLUS, based on LaFond's highly successful workshop: "USING MUSIC IN THE CLASSROOM: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE BEETHOVEN," she has compiled a hefty manual on hands-on ideas for Parents and Teachers to use the songs to teach all the disciplines including Language, Math, Art, Imagination and more. Hailed by teachers, parents and kids. Geared for the Child 4-7.


  • Celebrate!
  • Alliteration Sensation
  • Stop & Go
  • Numbers All Around!
  • Rainbows
  • Way Down Deep Inside
  • Zuppie Mashan
  • Piggy Letter Boogie
  • What's the Sutuation with You?
  • Blooz in Zb
  • Any Way I Can
  • Palmas
  • Turn Around

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