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An unusually beautiful collection of lullabies and soothing music for the newborn baby, with additional benefit of relaxing Children and adults of all ages, this recording explores the richness of the voice as well as acoustic instrumentation.
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LaFond includes a Sioux Indian chant and a 19th century Scottish lullaby. Side two features "HeartRhythms": the calming sound of the Mother's heartbeat enhanced with gentle percussion sounds. Recommended for naptime, bedtime, as a classroom cool-down or following a tiring day.


  • Mother's Song
  • Cradle Song
  • Liam's Lullaby
  • Ballad for Baby Caits
  • Sioux Indian Chant
  • My Girl
  • Gentle Winds
  • You Are Love
  • HeartRhythms and Other Reminders

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