Reviews & Awards:   Lois LaFond & The Rockadiles

  • 1999-2000 NAPPA GOLD AWARD
  • 1998 PARENTS CHOICE Recommended Seal

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    • Heidi Thumlert, Founder, THUMS UP and SWING SET CONCERT SERIES
      Stockton, CA: "Terrific!... high energy and GREAT musician ship! It's wonderful, capturing your live show and all your energy."
    • Congresswoman Diana DeGette: "This recognition [Best of Denver]
      is well-deserved... My kids agree!"
    • Janine Gasteneau:"I had to call you: I have three kids and two dogs
      dancing uncontrollably to your new CD!"
    • School Library Journal:"...a lively, world beat feel. [LaFond] takes
      familiar messages, such as self-esteem and brotherhood/sisterhood, and gives them a fresh sound. The recording opens with the lively Music Makes Me Feel Better,' a soulful celebration of music... 'Dishpan Jam' is a percussive, upbeat song that's perfect for an all-family after-meal cleanup job... LaFond's strong, original writing features fascinating shifts in harmony and melody with some unusual time changes. Outstanding guest vocalists and musicians make a wonderful recording even better."
    • Boulder Magazine:"... One might argue that [LaFond] the pioneering
      children's music performer is also a state of mind -- an exuberant, invigorating and creative musical state of mind that blends world beat musicianship with uplifting universal messages... LaFond and the Rockadiles have won serveral prestigious awards for their infectious, sometimes multilingual mixture of upbeat lyrics and no-boundaries musicianship... [This is] ageless music."
    • Boulder Planet:"Unfortunately, children's music like much of children's
      television, seems to have been made by adults who've never encountered a real child... What we have in spades: child-marketed entertainment that is either dumbed-down treacle or cynical noise overload. Gifted singer/songwriter is a rare and notable exception. LaFond aims upward at kid's taste... layers of rhythms and harmonies, dense instrumentation and a strong dose of fun [make this] the best musical act for kids anywhere in these United States!"

    • Boulder County Parent: "an incredible vocal rythm experience... conceived,
      written, arranged, and produced by LaFond... her joy is evident throughout the recording. This incredible vocal and rhythm experiences is... quite simply great."
    • The Daily Camera:"The lavish use of upbeat, sometimes multilingual lyrics
      and musicianship without boundaries creates an exuberant, invigorated and creative atmosphere."

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