About Lois LaFond

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Lois LaFond is a Mom and a Grandmother, a singer and a songwriter, a producer and event maker, a dedicated volunteer, and very much a teacher.  

She started off as a high school English and Communications teacher; currently she teaches English to Immigrants.  In the middle 25+ years, she had an incredible career making music for Children which, of course, was also a way to teach.  That focus was on her messages for kids: diversity and self esteem. 

We.  Are.  All.  One.  

She felt it was simple. Appreciate yourself, then you can appreciate others.  What better time to introduce that than when a child is 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 years old?  And what better way than through really great music?

So, LOIS LAFOND & THE ROCKADILES was born in 1984 making hot music for cool kids.  Lois found the best Colorado musicians to play to her kid-appropriate lyrics. She became a pioneer of world music for Children and their Families, and Rockadiles proceeded to win all the awards with their six original recordings of music and stories.  They toured the country from Alaska to New York's Central Park, from San Francisco to the New Orleans Jazz Fest.  

Today Lois says:  “There’s a whole generation of kids out there that we welcome to our House of Lois LaFond & The Rockadiles.  We care about kids.  We care about families.  We care about the Planet.  We care about you.  Join me in making the world a better musical and welcoming place.”


Making music for Young Children came naturally to Lois.  Through teaching, her love of music, and her two kids who were 4 and 5 when she started, her new life in Kids Music was just plain fun.  She was able to make music at a time when some of the finest players in America were in the Denver-Boulder area.  Her skill was to draw them in to the importance of making great music for young children.  Over the next 20 years they made music that still ranks as some of the best music out there for kids and their families. 

Asked why and how, Lois is quick to reply that “we would do nothing less for kids than we would for an adult audience.”  They played the best music in as many styles as they could, from Reggae and Blues to Jazz and Afro Pop, from Salsa and Rock & Roll to Klezmer and Brazilian and African rhythms.  Thirty years after their first recording, the songs still hold up.  The messages are as important as ever, and the music is more than fabulous.  

Over all these years, Lois’ appreciation of the skill of the players she has worked with has only grown larger.  She sends out a special shout to all of her musician palls for how they did what they did. Gordon Kennedy, Carlton Bacon, Mark Harris, Rebecca Martin, Glenn Taylor, Chico Meira, Raoul Rossiter, and the “featured” Ron Miles, Hazel Miller, Miguel Espinoza, Mollie O’Brien and so many more!