Don’t forget while all the creatures of summer are sleeping, there are fun events going on: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and so many “new year” celebrations from Persian New Year to Tu B’shvat to Chinese New Year. But nothing is more important than the best event of all: your Child’s BirthDay.

Lois is just wrapping up a remake of her 1986 recording of original stories, While Creatures of Summer Sleep. 
I hope you have fun meeting all the characters and listening to the music I created for this project.” -Lois

The Three Great Witches

A fun story about three good witches that outsmart the bad guys!


A thanksgiving story with a simple message of gratitude.

Winter Solstice

A story-song about the shortest day of the year.


A Christmas Tail

A tale of a little mouse ostracized for not having a tail, but since it is Christmas, things change.  

It’s My Day

This original funky b’day song
celebrates your kid’s birthday.